Friendship Forever

Kad-kad yang diberikan oleh


Teima kasih…
Semoga persahatan di alam maya ini kekal abadi

Never walk away from true friendship,

When you see some faults,

Be patient,
Realize that nobody is perfect,
I’m not perfect, you are not perfect,
But we can always be good friends..

We have known each other by chance,
Became friends by choice,
Still Friends by decision,
And, when we say
That’s defenitly a lifetime promise.

” Give thousand chances to your enemy
To become your friend,
Don’t give a single chance to your friend
to become your enemy”

True Friendship never fades with time,
It becomes more tasteful as old wine,
Only FRIENDS can understand,
Convert rolling tears into SMILES..

Just Remember..
You ‘ve got a FRIEND,
Who cares about you,
And no matter,
What else changes in our life,
Nothing is going,
To change that..

Doesn’t get closer by meetings..
It is sweetend by thoughts..
I care for you,
In my own strange ways..
You will never know..
Perhaps i will never show…

5 Responses to “Friendship Forever”

  1. tkaseh tempek eida..
    cantik pulak bila buat camtu kan…
    akak nak copy buleh..

  2. azza_irah

    mekasih kpd c. azza juga..
    kalau nak copy.. silakan 🙂

  3. @LiYaNNuaR Says:

    kak Azza mmg rajin orangnya… kan Eida kan…

  4. [S]itie [B]Um [B]Um Says:


  5. @LiYaNNuaR
    Betul.. betul.. kak azza rajin memberi, peramah, prihatin dan kreatif..

    S]itie [B]Um [B]Um
    Siti pun sweet … manis mcm gula la..

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